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GIS Partners with Humanity Magazine to end Human Trafficking


Ghana Immigration Service, Humanity Magazine International campaigns against human trafficking to Middle East
In the wake of reports of abuse meted out to young Ghanaian ladies who immigrate to the Middle East in search of jobs, The Ghana Immigration Service and Humanity Magazine International has  intensified a campaign to educate the public on the dangers of moving to that part of the world.
The campaign of educating Ghanaian ladies and other young men who wish to travel to Europe, America and the Middle East is in collaboration with the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) to protect the young and ambitious ladies, who fall victims to promises of better life. Such promises are made by crafty travel agents.
The campaign by Humanity Magazine International and GIS has seen immigration officials at the airport and other points of exit thoroughly interrogating people intending to travel to the Middle East.
The strict interrogation by GIS officials are meant to expose persons who ignore warnings and advice to avoid travelling to seek greener pastures at the peril of their lives.
In the recent past, there had been several reports in the media of how Ghanaians have been abused and forced to work in inhuman conditions after they have been trafficked to the Middle East, particularly Gulf States.
Many of the young men and women were lured to part ways with huge sums of money after they have been promised mouthwatering salaries and other conditions of service.
Humanity Magazine International has been one of high profile media outlet that has embarked on a campaign to further expose the abuses Ghanaians face and also educate ladies who desire to travel, to be mindful of the dangers that await them.
In Accra, Humanity Magazine International and K,V.O  have also organized events in several parts of the capital to create awareness among young people to stay away from the unscrupulous agents.
The Ghana Immigration Service offered support to the campaign and it therefore comes as no surprise that that the public welcomed the education against relying on travel agents to immigrate to the Middle East and other parts of the world.
The founder of Humanity Magazine, Mr. Yahaya Alhassan, has vowed that the campaign to bring an end to illegal exiting of the country will continue until the goal is achieved.


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